Gatewood PEEP

1241 Gatewood Road    Newport News, VA 23601    Phone: (757) 591-4963 ext.5    Fax: (757) 591-4695



Heather Jankovich, Program Administrator
Catherine Cook, Secretary
Mary Lou Skinner, Technician Assistant


Pam Bond, Teacher
Patsy White, Teacher Assistant        

Peggy Hobgood, Teacher
Jernell Booker, Teacher Assistant

Kristen Ryan, Teacher
Cynthia Bowser, Teacher Assistant

Anne Battle, Teacher Teacher Website
Emma Smith, Teacher Assistant

Nicole Cappiello, Teacher

Stephanie Lafrance, Teacher
Luany Mobley, Teacher Assistant

Debra Coppedge, Teacher Teacher Website
Rita Walker, Teacher Assistant

Shannon Skiffington, Teacher
Joanne Williams, Teacher Assistant

Lauren Coppedge, Teacher
Jennifer Black, Teacher Assistant

Resource Staff

Katie Dolak,   Psychologist
Sara Chopp, Social Worker
Jamie Remo, Occupational Therapist
Holly Daniels, Speech Therapist
Amanda Levoy, Psychologist
Patti Grella, Special Ed. Teacher
Joanna Croke,  Speech Therapist

Chris Taylor, Instructional Technology Coach (ITC)  
Nancy Hunyady, Psychologist
Sonja Jones, Social Worker
Crystal Hunt, Vision
Victor Goldsby, Vision/Mobility
Donna Thornton, Social Worker
Bethany Wilson, Hearing

School Staff

Carmen Stupica, Registered Nurse
Lolly Smaw, Treatment Nurse

Dianne Pickett, Day Custodian
Samuel Butcher, Custodian

Head Start and Contractors

Amie Tugwell, Teacher
Patricia King,   Teacher Assistant
Allison Carter, PT
Ki Wilbur, PT


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