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Newport News Public Schools has for many years offered a comprehensive program for young children ages 2-5 who qualify for special education services under IDEA. This program is housed on several elementary school campuses and offers 1/2 day and full day classes for students with a variety of disabilities. 

Children must be determined eligible for special education services to attend the PEEP program.

Certified special education teachers who specialize in Early Childhood education/development teach small classes of students with disabilities in developmentally appropriate settings, utilizing best practices from current research to individualize the curriculum for each student. Several of the PEEP classrooms offer opportunities for students with disabilities to spend quality time with their non-disabled peers in other preschool programs housed on the same campus. Still other PEEP programs are integrated into existing community preschool programs, not housed in public school facilities.

Young children learn social, self-help, communication, pre-academic, and motor skills, in accordance with the student’s IEP. Before the student leaves the PEEP Program, the IEP committee is charged with planning for effective transition into the academic world of kindergarten or first grade. Decisions must be made as to the type and level of programming appropriate for each student.

Call 591-4963 x.5 to learn more about the PEEP program.

Click here for more information about Special Education at NNPS.

Health Project

Gatewood PEEP's Health Project is promoting healthy lifestyles.   Many activities are planned to support this project.  

Special Friends... VIPS

PEEP has volunteers (VIPS) who contribute one day of the week to work in various classrooms performing teacher-designated duties. If you would like to volunteer, please call us at 591-4963 x.5.


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